We are a non-profit project committed to offering access to medical care to the people of South Sudan. 



Mal Means Peace

And peace is what we want to see in South Sudan! Fighting has continued for more than a month in the current crisis. With nearly a half million people displaced by the conflict, the people of South Sudan are suffering the effects of war. 


Health for All

Access to good medical care was already an issue in the young country, and now a massive number of people have been left with nowhere to seek medical attention. Our goal is to provide medical attention to all who need it in the greater Upper Nile region. 


Global Effort

We know many people all over the world are affected by the crisis in South Sudan. We are calling on each of you to do what you can to help us care for those in need. Contact us or go to "Get Involved" to see how YOU can help make this dream come true!